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Saunders HomeTrac Lumbar Traction Device - 50-1005

Saunders HomeTrac Lumbar Traction Device Saunders HomeTrac Lumbar Traction Device
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  • Item #: 50-1005
  • Brand: Hometrac™
  • Manufacturer: Saunders Group
Size: One size fits most
U/M: Each
Price: $386.37
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Product Description

Saunders HomeTrac Lumbar Traction Device. The new Saunders Lumbar HomeTrac features great new harnesses with a non-slip surface. The new harnesses allow a more comfortable, effective pull. What's more, we've added a convenient, zippered carrying case. The new Saunders Lumbar HomeTrac is more comfortable and convenient than ever before!

The Saunders HomeTrac Lumbar Traction is one of the most effective devices on the market today for treating back pain from a variety of conditions. Simply put, it is considered the gold standard by which all others are judged. Designed with the patient in mind, this Saunders HomeTrac unit utilizes an expandable fold out design to provide a stable stable, smooth surface for the torso straps to apply precise traction to the lumbar vertebrae. Saunders has made the harness easy to adjust for both patients and clinicians. It also has a non-slip surface to effectively grab onto the torso to provide an effective pull. Foam wedges for the head and legs are included to make application of traction more comfortable for the lumbar region. The enclosed pneumatic hand pump is designed to apply up to 200 lbs of traction. This Saunders lumbar traction model is manufactured in the USA and is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and other rehabilitation professionals - perfect for home use as well!

The Saunders Lumbar Hometrac also features: Easily unfolds into place - low profile.
  • Applies up to 200 lbs of force.
  • Harness features a non slip surface.
  • Friction-free treatment surface isolates the low back.
  • Hand pump features an easy to use gauge to see how much traction is being applied.
  • Saunders HomeTrac folds up quickly and has a carrying case for easy transport.
  • This is the newly re-designed unit with wheels on the carry bag.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

    Caution: Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Deluxe should be used only after full instruction by a healthcare professional.

    Note to consumers: This is NOT a refurbished Saunders unit; if you see a cheaper price for this product anywhere, it will most likely be a refurbished unit with the indicator sticker being removed and sold as "NEW". Buyer beware.

    NOTE:This item has a 15 calendar day return period from date of receipt.
    Also a 4-5 business days lead time.
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