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Thera-Band Resistive Exercise Band - 10-1016

Thera-Band Resistive Exercise Band
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  • Item #: 10-1016
  • Brand: Thera-Band™
  • Manufacturer: Hygenic
Price: $20.61
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Product Description

Thera-Band Exercise Band Thera-Band Exercise Band

With the Thera-Band resistive exercise band system, treatment and exercise options are unlimited. Design exercise programs to address client's specific needs wherever they are - in a children's hospital, nursing home, sports medicine clinic, etc. A full spectrum of colors and resistance levels gives clients positive reinforcement as they progress from one color-coded level to the next. Thera-Band resistive exercise bands are as simple to use at home as in the clinic - so clients will continue to progress, even without one-on-one guidance from a therapist. 6" wide box.

Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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