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TENS Unit ProM-100 - ProM-100

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TENS Unit ProM-100
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  • Item #: ProM-100
  • Brand: ProM-100
  • Manufacturer: ProMed Specialties
Style: Single Mode
Channels: Two
U/M: Each
Price: $30.53
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Product Description

TENS Units help relieve pain, back, neck and body aches. TENS Units are used by Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Doctors, and Chiropractors. We carry a full line of TENS Units, Electrodes for TENS Units, TENS Accessories, Electrical Muscle Stimulators (E.M.S.), Microcurrent Units, Interferential Units, Galvanic Stimulation Units. All of our TENS, EMS, Microcurrent, Interferential, and Galvanic Units are portable and may be used in home by the patient.

The TENS Unit ProM-100 is a dual channel, standard output unit with pulse width 40-250 microseconds (adjustable) and pulse rate 2-150 Hz (adjustable). Pulse Amplitude: adjustable 0 to 80mA into 500 ohm load, each channel. Wave form: asymetrical Bi-Phasic square pulse

System Includes:
  • TENS Unit ProM-100
  • Lead Wires (New FDA compliant)
  • Pack of 4 Self-stick Hypoallergenic reuseable Electrodes
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • Cloth Carrying case
  • Instruction Booklet

    Technical Specification:
  • Dual, isolated between channels
  • Wave form: Asmmetrical Bi-Phasic square pulse
  • Pulse Amplitude: 0 to 80 mA peak, each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load)
  • Pulse Frequency: 2 TO 120 Hz adjustable
  • Pulse width: 40 to 250 microseconds, adjustable
  • Maximum charge: 21 micro coulombs per pulse
  • Power source: 9 volt alkaline battery or similar rechargeable cell
  • Battery life: 100 hours average usage (alkaline) at middle range setting
  • Size: 24 x 64 x 91 mm
  • Weight: 130 grams (including battery) All values have 10% +/- tolerance
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Note: This unit is a Class II Medical Device and by FDA regulations cannot be returned if it has been used.
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