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Sports Adhesive Tape KindRigid L - 1001-EA

Sports Adhesive Tape KindRigid L
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  • Item #: 1001-EA
  • Brand: Kindrigid L®
Size: 1 1/2" x 15 yds
Price: $6.62
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Product Description

Sports Adhesive Tapes KindRigid L are designed for the patellofemoral, lower extremity, shoulder and other treatment protocols.

These innovative protocols eliminate the need for excessive wrapping, placing emphasis on precise tape placement and technique. With exceptional sticking power and proper fabric tension.

KindRigid L Sports Adhesive Tape is skin colored, body temperature responsive, super-rigid and super-adhesive recommended for knee, shoulder, ankle, finger and wrist taping.

KindRigid L Sports Adhesive Tape is also particularly effective to support joints under maximum stress and in the treatment of patellofemoral pain (knee pain.

KindRigid L Sports Adhesive Tape is comparable to the other sports tapes available on the market as Leukotape P Sports Adhesive Tape, Endura-Tape Sports Adhesive Tape etc., for a fraction of their price.

For back and shoulder taping as undercover for the Sports Adhesive Tape KindRigid L it's recommended to use Fabric Tape KindFix (Item #1003-EA sold separately).

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