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Polyform Splinting Material - A292027

Polyform Splinting Material
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  • Item #: A292027
  • Brand: Polyform®
Latex: Free
U/M: Single Sheet
Price: $164.41
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Product Description

Polyform® Splinting Material Polyform® Splinting Material Polyform® Splinting Material

Minimum resistance to stretch. The effortless material achieves an intimate fit with gentle, smooth motions. Latex free. Made in USA.

Handling Characteristics:
• Stretches easily with excellent drapability, conforming well to contours.
• Minimal handling required; gentle, smooth motions achieve superior results.
• Handle on a horizontal plane and form splint in a gravity-assisted position.
• 1/16" (1.6mm) material cuts easily while cold.
• Edges trim easily. Latex free.

• For a temporary bond, pinch heated surfaces together.
• For a permanent bond, remove coating with liquid remover or by scraping with a sharp instrument.

Recommended Uses
• Ideal for clients with pain or irritation of the joints, requiring gentle handling
• Wrist, hand, finger and thumb splints
Dynamic outrigger splint bases

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