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Heel/Elbow Moisturizing Gel Protector (Slip Over) - 119LB

Heel/Elbow Moisturizing Gel Protector (Slip Over)
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  • Item #: 119LB
U/M: Pair
Size: One size fits most
Price: $7.26
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Product Description

Heel/Elbow Moisturizing Gel Protector (Slip Over) is made out of stretchable nylon/polyester fabric sleeve coated with gel-pad, which contours around the heel or the elbow.
The gel pad contains a high grade mineral oil (USP) that gradually dissipates onto the skin to moisturize the skin while protecting it from bed or pressure sores. Softens, moisturizes and rejuvenates dry, chafed, cracked heels and elbows. Helps prevent ulcerations and bed sores, and promotes healing after ulcerations close. Protective sleeve cushions and reduces shock, vibration and friction. Wear while sleeping or sitting. can be used with softening creams and moisturizers.
The Heel/Elbow Gel Slip Over is dermatologist tasted, washable, and reusable.

  • Protects the heel or elbow from pressure, friction, and shear forces.
  • Designed to moisturize dry cracked skin on the heels or elbows.
  • Also for olecranon bursitis protection, lightweight heel/elbow protection, ulnar nerve protection, or prevention of bed or pressure sores.

    Directions for Use:
  • Gently slip product over the arm or foot with gel pad positioned around the heel or elbow.
  • Product should not be worn with shoes.
  • Remove product at least 3 to 4 hours daily to allow skin to breathe. Hand washable.

    Sizes available: One size fits most.

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