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GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace by Bauerfeind - 11041350080706

GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace by Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace by Bauerfeind
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  • Item #: 11041350080706
  • Brand: GenuTrain S Pro
  • Manufacturer: Bauerfeind
U/M: Each
Price: $203.55
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Product Description

Active support with adjustable joint splints for lateral stabilization.
The lateral splints on the GenuTrain S Pro active support have adjustable hinges. Together with two inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg, they keep the knee joint secure during movement. Depending on how the hinges are set, the splints can be used to restrict and flexion and extension angle of the leg. This restriction of movement helps to correct incorrect movements and protects the knee during certain phases of treatment.

Secure freedom of movement
The anatomically contoured joint splints on the GenuTrain S Pro can be individually adjusted by an orthotist / medical supply retailer and their range of movement can be restricted. By adjusting the hinge, the flexion angle of the knee can be limited to 30, 60 or 90. The knee can also be prevented from stretching to its full extent by locking the hinge at 20. These restrictions are designed to protect the knee and can be lifted in line with the progress of treatment. Together with two inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg, the joint splints provide secure support and relieve the collateral ligaments. The knee is guided during movement and its freedom of movement is kept within safe limits. Wearing this support can thus compensate for any mild to moderate instability, for example due to osteoarthritis of the knee, while providing optimum stability for ligaments weakened by arthritis.

Activation of sensorimotor processes
The integrated elastic pressure cushion (pad) wraps around the kneecap to protect it and helps to position the support correctly. During movement, a massage effect is generated by the distortion of the pad and the compressing knit, which activates the surrounding muscles and stimulates circulation. This helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling more quickly. The support also activates sensorimotor processes which improve muscle control. As well as providing passive stabilization for the knee, it therefore provides more active support too.

  • Mild to moderate instability
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Arthritis (e.g. primary chronic polyarthritis)
  • Meniscus injuries

    Sizing: For sizing measure circumference at 4 3/4" below knee and at 5 1/2" above knee as shown on the picture.

    Size: 1 - above knee: 15"-16 1/8"; below knee:11"-12 1/4"
    Size: 2 - above knee: 16 1/8"-17 1/4"; below knee:12 1/4"-13 3/8"
    Size: 3 - above knee: 17 1/4"- 8 1/2"; below knee:13 3/8"-14 1/2"
    Size: 4 - above knee: 18 1/2"-19 3/4"; below knee:14 1/2"-15 3/4"
    Size: 5 - above knee: 19 3/4"-20 7/8"; below knee:15 3/4"-17"
    Size: 6 - above knee: 20 7/8"-22"; below knee:17"-18 1/8"

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