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Physical Therapy Equipment and Supplies - supplies physical therapy equipment and supplies online to end users, clinics, hospitals, and personal trainers! Since 1998 we have strived to provide the lowest prices possible on Everything from TENS units, to aids to daily living, to Ultrasound therapy! There are different types of physical therapy equipment separated in groups as:

  • Assistive devices (ADL)
  • Traction Equipment
  • Ultrasound therapy equipment
  • Electric muscle stimulation
  • TENS Units, EMS Units
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Prosthetic/Orthotic We offer the best of physical therapy equipment for sale online at the lowest prices.
    Browse our catalog below:

    Electrotherapy and Ultrasound Therapy

    Clinical Electrotherapy Systems, Clinical Ultrasound Therapy Systems, Sound Heads, Ultrasound Wands, Ultrasound Applicators, Accessories for Clinical Electrotherapy Systems, Ultrasound Gels

    Tens Unit Electrodes - Buy Electrode Pads |

    Electrodes for Electrostim Machines

    Gels and Lotions

    Gel and Lotion Warmers

    Iontophoresis Systems and Electrodes

    Thermo Therapy, Hot Packs, Cold Packs and Paraffin Therapy

    Hot Packs, Cold Packs, Hot and Cold Compress, Instant Hot and Cold Packs, Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Wraps, Thermo Therapy for Kids, Nylatex Wraps for Cold/Hot Packs, Aqua Relief Water Therapy System, A.T.C. Cold Therapy System, Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cooling System, ParaTherapy Paraffin Baths, TheraBath Paraffin Bath, Paraffin Baths, Paraffin Wax Refill, Cold Packs Chilling Units, Dickinson Paraffin Baths, Hot Packs Heating Units, Paraffin Bath Accessories, Whitehall Thermo-Therapy Dry Heat Units

    Cervical Traction and Lumbar Traction Equipment

    Cervical Traction, Lumbar Traction

    Continuous Passive Motion Equipment

    Diagnostic and Evaluation Therapy Equipment

    Seca Scale, Thermometer, Blood Pressure Device, Stethoscope, Stethoscope Accessories and Parts, Otoscopes and Diagnostic Flashlights, Goniometer and Inclinometer, Muscle Testers, Pulse Meters, Timer, Sensation and Reflection, Dynamometers, Scale, Speech Evaluation, Volumeters, Posture, Circumference and Breath Measuring, PedAlert Monitors, Pedometers, Diagnostic Mirrors, Anthropometrics, Skinfold Calipers

    Physical Therapy Treatment Tables -

    MedSurface, Hi-Lo Electic Treatment Table, Fixed Height Treatment Table, Mat Tables and Platform, Tilt Tables - Manual and Electric Tilt Tables |, Traction Tables - Electric High/Low Traction Tables |, Standing Table, Changing Table, Split Leg Table, Massage Table and Massage Chair, Work and Activities Table, Over-Bed Table, Treatment Table Accessories

    Hydrotherapy Equipment

    Whitehall Whirlpool Baths, Whirlpool Disinfectants and Accessories, Swimming Accessories

    Therapy Mats

    Economy Therapy Mat, Naugahyde Therapy Mat, Urethane Therapy Mat, Folding Therapy Mat, Densifoam Therapy Mat, Jumbo Therapy Mat, Incline Therapy Mat, Non-Slip Roll Matting

    Therapy Roll

    Therapy Wedges

    Exercise Pulleys - Physical Therapy Equipment |


    Paper Products

    Exam Table Paper, Professional Paper Products

    Light Therapy

    Personal Protection Equipment

    Exam Gloves 1, Exam Gloves 2, Hospital Scrubs, Protective Wear, Protective Masks, Mouth Protection, Anti-Vibration Gloves, Exam Gloves, Headgears, Bedding and Linens

    Patient Exam Gowns

    Anatomical Charts

    Bones and Skeletal System Charts, Head and Neck Charts, Torso and Internal Organs Charts, Shoulder and Elbow Charts, Hand and Wrist Charts, Hip and Knee Charts, Foot and Ankle Charts, Skin and Hair Charts, Muscular System Charts, Nervous System and Brain Charts, Cardiovascular System, Heart and Blood Charts, Immune System Charts, Lymphatic System Charts, Hearing System and Ear Charts, Human Genotype (DNA), Nose and Throat Charts, Eye Anatomical Charts, Teeth Anatomical Charts, Respiratory System Charts, Digestive System and Liver Charts, Endocrine System Charts, Urinary Tract and Kidney Charts, Reproductive System Charts, Pregnancy and Birth Charts, Life Support Charts, Disorders and Diseases Charts

    Anatomical Models

    Skeleton Models, Skull Models, Vertebral Column Models, Joints Models, Organ Models, Body Parts Models, Body and Systems Models, Reproductive and Pregnancy Models, Casualty Simulation and Training Models, Teaching Anatomical Models, Classroom Teaching Tools

    Carts and Cabinets

    Parallel Bars

    Doctors Office Supplies

    IV Poles

    X-Ray Supplies

    Training Steps and Training Stairs

    Taping Stations

    Therapy Screens and Mirrors

    Doctors Stools, Chairs and Benches

    Doctors Stools, Doctors Chairs, Doctors Benches

    Sammons Preston (Patterson Medical) Physical Therapy Equipment

    Sammons Preston (Patterson Medical) Treatment Furniture, Sammons Preston (Patterson Medical) Evaluation Equipment, Sammons Preston (Patterson Medical) Parallel Bars

    Therapy Instruments


    Information on this site is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication.

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