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Aids to Daily Living (ADL)

Aids to Daily Living (ADL) or Independent Living Products incorporate a wide variety of devices designed to help the elderly and those with disabilities live independently. Ranging from low vision devices, bathing chairs, raised toilet seats, commodes, weighted utensils, cup holders, dressing aids, writing aids, reachers, grip assists, headpointers, mouth sticks to sound amplifiers and kitchen aids to medication managers, independent living aids enable those would be otherwise unable to the chance to take care of themselves and to not have to rely on others for support.

Independent living, or the ability to live independently and take care of one’s self, centers around the idea that the elderly and those with disabilities can have the ability to take care of themselves with very little if any need for help from others. With the right selection of Independent living aids, those with arthritis, limited mobility, hand conditions, and other ailments that inhibit their ability to perform everyday tasks can live independently. specializes in products designed to help those with disabilities live independently. Click any of the links below for more information and to view the selection of independent living products.

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Non-Slip Materials 1

Safety Matting 1

Bathing ADL

Bathing ADL Products, Bathing Chairs and Bathing Benches, Bath Lifts, Bathroom Safety, Pediatric Bathing ADL

Toileting ADL

Raised Toilet Seats, Commodes, Toilet Safety, Bed Pans and Urinals

Hygiene ADL

Personal Hygiene, Bidets, Shampoo Trays, Grooming ADL, Toothbrushing ADL

Eating ADL

Food Guards, Food Catchers, Utensils, Dishware, Dysphagia, Food Thickeners, Dietary Supplements, Self-Feeders, Enternal Feeding

Drinking ADL

Cups and Mugs, Cup Holders, Straws, Oral Motor Tools

Kitchen and Cooking ADL

Openers, Food Preparation, Kitchen Helpers, Kitchen Scales

Dressing ADL Products

Dressing ADL, Socks and Stockings Dressing ADL, Shoes and Lacing, Dressing Education

Reading ADL

Magnifiers, Book Holders, Reading Boards

Writing ADL

Special Needs Pens, Pencil Grips, Writing Aids Products

Around the House

Alarms/Locators, Bedside and Furniture ADL, Clocks and Timers, Lamp Assists, Misc Household ADL

Doorknob Helpers

Furniture Risers


Grip Assists

Non-Slip Materials

Safety Matting

Low Vision ADL


Build-up Handles

Hobby and Leisure

Communication ADL

Telephone Assists, Buttons and Switches, Computer Assists, Cognitive Tests/Evaluators, Speech and Communication


Mouth Sticks

Special Type Scissors

Patterson Medical (Sammons Preston) Aids to Daily Living

Sammons Preston Aids to Daily Living 1, Sammons Preston Bathing Aids, Sammons Preston Eating Aids 1, Sammons Preston Eating Aids 2, Sammons Preston Eating Aids 3, Sammons Preston Toileting Aids, Sammons Preston Eating Aids, Sammons Preston Drinking Aids, Sammons Preston Dressing Aids, Sammons Preston Reachers, Sammons Preston Mouth Sticks, Sammons Preston Headpointers, Sammons Preston Aids to Daily Living


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