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Advanced Nutrients Hydroponics and Nutrients

Hydroponics is an efficient and highly productive method of agriculture. While it etymologically means growing in water, it covers a wide array of alternative agricultural techniques. Because hydroponics systems are something you practically build from scratch, you can almost play god and regulate the factors that affect your plants.

During a plant's life cycle, it needs different types and ratios of nutrients. If you are growing indoors using hydroponics techniques, it is especially important to provide proper nutrients in correct ratios at the right time. Plants need correct ratios and levels of properly-configured nutrients if they are to eagerly grow, bloom and yield.

If you’re using fertilizers made by other companies, you’re losing yield and wasting money.

Why? Their products weren’t designed for the crops you grow. Advanced Nutrients is specifically formulated to result in faster grows, faster flowering, and higher yields. offers everything that you need to grow big and healthy plants, from base nutrients such as pH Perfect Sensi Grow and pH Perfect Sensi Bloom to bud taste and terpene enhancers as Bud Candy

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